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Biografia: Lady GaGa : Por Trás da Fama

Lady GaGa: Behind The Fame
(Lady GaGa: Por Trás Da Fama)
Por: Emily Herbert
The Overlook Press
Data da publicação: 2 de Março de 2010
$ 14.oo (R$ 25,00)/ 288 páginas/ 32 páginas com fotos

Os rumores são verdadeiros: Overlook Press publica a primeira biografia da estrela do mundo pop favorita. O comunicado de imprensa diz:

“Underneath the oversized blonde hair bow, glittering lightning bolt, and impossible fashion is an Upper East Side girl with a downtown attitude; a Tisch drop-out, a #1 hit-maker, an outcast, a muse, a daughter and friend. Welcome to the sequined world of Lady Gaga.

“In Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame biographer Emily Herbert introduces 23 year old Stefani Germanotta. A Catholic school girl turned go-go dancer, Gaga rose out of the Lower East Side club scene to reign supreme in the pop world.

“In under a year she became the only performing artist to have four #1 singles from the same album and sold over 8 million records worldwide, proving to be the biggest pop sensation of the new decade.

“Not everyone gets her art and music, but she has become a fashion icon and an role model in the gay community. Among her biggest supporters are designer Alexander McQueen, Beyonce, and Ellen DeGeneres.

“An inspiring story as well as commentary on today’s celebrity and fame-obsessed culture, Lady Gaga: Behind the Fame is a well-researched, intimate look into the music, fashion, art, and life of the first Lady of pop.”

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